GoPro Karma Drone with HERO5 - Black

GoPro just changed the game--again. Introducing the new Karma Drone with HERO5 - Black. Not merely a drone with a GoPro mount attached, the Karma is here to fundamentally change the way you capture footage. Not only did GoPro create a drone that's more compact and easier to operate than anything else on the market, but they also developed a way to capture amazingly-smooth footage from the air, handheld, or body-mounted. There's a lot to unpack here, so let's start with the Karma drone. It has a folding design that allows it to be stored in the low-profile Karma Case backpack (included), so you can ski, bike, hike, or paddle comfortably with the drone on your back. The idea here is that instead of asking yourself should I bring my drone on this adventure, you'll be asking why WOULDN'T I bring my drone today'. In addition to making it ultra-compact, GoPro also made it easy to fly, so anyone can enjoy it. The included Karma Controller shows what your GoPro is seeing, which not only makes navigation easier, but also ensures you're capturing the shot perfectly. It also has intuitive controls so there's not a steep learning curve that involves lots crashes and spare parts purchases. The secret to the ultra-smooth and stable shots the Karma captures is the Karma Stabilizer. It uses a gyroscopic mechanism to stabilize the camera so you get silky-smooth footage. And the best part' The stabilizer detaches and connects with the included Karma Grip so you can get the same professional-looking shots from the ground. That means glidecam-like shots when you're getting selfie ski shots on a powder day or shooting a follow-cam line on your skateboard. Built-in controls on the Karma Grip are compatible with the HERO5 for ultimate convenience. We're assuming that if you've made it this far, you already know a good bit about the HERO5 camera. But just in case this is your first introduction, the HERO5 Black is an ultra-compact camera that shoots video in stunning 4K and takes 12 ..


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GoPro Karma Drone with HERO5 - Black $899.99 GREAT DEAL

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